8 Maintenance Tips For Taking Care Of Massage Chairs

8 Maintenance Tips For Taking Care Of Massage Chairs

Truth be told, a massage chair is an expensive purchase, even if you’re opting for a fabric massage chair instead of getting a leather chair. In this guide, we’re going to give you 8 tips that’ll help you take care of your massage chair so you can enjoy its massaging powers for years to come.

Let’s dive right in!

1. No General Maintenance

Unlike any other large purchases you make, you won’t have to do general maintenance. The mechanical aspects of a massage chair are self-sustaining and requires no up-keep on your behalf. This means you don’t even have to get inside the chair to lube up any working parts.

Man Fixing Massage Chair

If you should ever need a new part or lubrication, don’t do it yourself. There’s a lot of working parts inside your fancy leather massage chair and your tinkering around could void the warranty or worse.

2.  Cleaning The Upholstery

Cleaning the upholstery of your chair is going to be the most important aspects of maintaining your massage chair. Keep in mind, you’re not going to clean a fabric massage chair the same way you’ll clean a leather massage chair.

How To Clean Leather Upholstery

There are two types of leather massage chairs: synthetic leather and natural leather. To clean synthetic leather, you’ll just need to wipe down the surfaces with a clean, damp cloth. You’ll want to do this once a week so that oils from your body, hair, and pets don’t damage the synthetic finish. 

If it’s been a while and there’s a build up on the material, use a damp cloth and dip it into a solution of mild soap and distilled water to clean the surface. Allow the surface to dry completely before use.

To clean natural leather, you will want to dust it frequently with a soft cloth. Never use soapy water or furniture cleaner, as it will damage the leather. You can use a damp cloth to wipe away any stains or debris. We don’t recommend rubbing the leather, as it will damage the leather.

If liquid spills on either material, quickly use a blotting technique to soak up the liquid. Again, don’t rub!

How To Clean Fabric Upholstery

To clean a fabric massage chairs, you will want to use the same cleaning techniques you use for any other piece of fabric upholstery.

3. Condition The Leather

You can keep the leather on your massage chair nice and supple by using a leather cleaner or conditioner and buffing it into the leather.

4. Always Use A Surge Protector

Just like other expensive electronics in your home, your massage chair should always been hooked up to a surge protector. You never know when a huge storm could blow through and cause a power surge which could really damage your electronics.

Clip On Surge Protector

Don’t worry, you don’t need an expensive surge protector – you can get affordable surge protectors for as little as $10. You’ll be thankful for that small investment during an electrical storm!

5. Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight

If you have a leather massage chair, we recommend keeping the chair out of the direct sunlight, as it can damage the leather. We know, the idea of getting a massage while the sun warms your skin sounds incredibly alluring, but prolonged exposure could cause the leather to crack.

Even if you have a fabric massage chair, you may want to keep it out of the sun just for the simple fact that the sunlight will cause the fabric to change colors. Granted, being in the sun isn’t going to cause a mechanical failure, but isn’t it nice to keep your expensive furniture looking nice long after you bought it? We thought so too!

6. Be Mindful Of Weight Capacity

When you’re using a massage chair, you don’t want to put unnecessary stress on it because it has a lot of moving parts that could be quite costly to repair. Not only could the moving parts break, but your body isn’t going to get the best massage it could get because your body isn’t going to be in the right position.

So, you’ll want to avoid cuddling with your pets while on the chair, but you’ll also want to refrain from letting the kids sit on your lap while the chair is being used as well.

7. Don’t Treat Your Massage Chair As An Every Day Chair

It isn’t uncommon for people to treat their new fabric massage chair as their every day lounger. This means you shouldn’t eat in the chair, have movie marathons, or turn the chair into a family cuddle session.

With that said, you should use the chair regularly so that the machinery inside the chair stays lubricated and in working order.

8. Pay Attention To The Sounds It Makes

While you’re using your massage chair, pay attention to how it sounds. Does it sound differently then it did the last time you used it? Is it making grinding sounds or it has it lost some of its massaging power? These could be indicators that something isn’t right and you should contact a massage chair specialist to come out and have a look.

Man Sitting In Massage Chair

Final Thoughts

A new fabric or leather massage chair is an excellent investment piece for anyone who loves the feel of the kinks and knots being worked out of their bodies. Owning one of these chairs is pretty simple, especially since there isn’t much general maintenance required.

All you really need to do to take care of these chairs is keep it clean, listen to the sounds it makes, keep it out of direct sunlight, and most importantly, enjoy the sensation.  ​